Our Team

Steve Street, Director
Steve has over 30 years of experience in insurance and reinsurance. He has held a variety of management positions in brokers, insurers and reinsurers with a particular focus on reinsurance, claims, consulting and business development. Steve joined Stripe Global Services Ltd in in 2009.
James Thompson, IT Consultant
James is an IT Consultant and has been working within the reinsurance industry since 1984. He has been involved in the design and development of STRIPE® and is now actively involved supporting its clients. His primary responsibility is the ongoing maintenance and support of STRIPE's underlying servers, databases and application.
Alberto Sanchez Cabaleiro, IT Consultant
Alberto is a technical consultant with significant experience from a wide variety of projects for different IT consulting firms. His main responsibilities at STRIPE® are taking part in the design and development of the product, as well as providing technical support at any level.