Value Proposition

The commercial (re)insurance industry suffers from operational inefficiencies that have a significant influence on competitiveness and profitability. Re-keying, accuracy of data and extended processing timeframes are all leading to inflated operating costs. The markets are now shifting towards a greater use of electronic platforms to deal with these challenges.

STRIPE® delivers a highly efficient re-engineered process for all participants in the value chain.

For (re)insureds STRIPE® streamlines and simplifies the management of ceded reinsurance through agile distribution, process transparency and direct settlement of premium and claims.

For reinsurers STRIPE® transforms data and delivers messages in the required format, reducing manual intervention, duplication and error rates. STRIPE® also improves process efficiency, delivering cost savings of 30%+, and improves service levels to brokers and clients.

For brokers STRIPE® ends traditional costly back office processing, accounting and money handling, allowing them to focus on high-value client activities.