Success Stories

We can provide further details on any of these five case studies.

Ceded Reinsurance Process Re-Engineering
A number of US insurers have streamlined and simplified their ceded reinsurance claim reporting and billing process, using STRIPE® to access domestic and global markets directly. By replacing the need to transact via multiple brokers and removing the significant cost of a broker replacement service, these carriers have improved their process efficiency and reduced collection timeframes.
Rapid Processing for a Lloyd's Managing Agent
A Lloyd’s Managing Agent rapidly improved the speed at which they process to markets and receive settlement. Collections are now processed by STRIPE® directly into London Bureau markets. Collections that previously took months to recover are now settled within days of processing.

Direct Connectivity for a Global Broker
A broker removed the management and cost of back office processing, accounting and money handling by introducing STRIPE® which enabled clients to process premium and claim movements directly to insurers.

Digitising Processes for a Major Broker
A major broker adopted STRIPE® to re-engineer a traditional process with certain London Market carriers that required a paper claim file to be maintained and manually presented by a broker. STRIPE®’s established route to this market segment removed layers of process and enabled the broker to access markets directly from an offshore hub.
Transforming Reinsurance Data to ACORD Standard
A top 5 reinsurer has introduced STRIPE® to a number client accounts and overcome the barrier to adopting ACORD messaging standards by using STRIPE® as the platform to transform data.